Artisan Support Fund


Its true to say that our artisans is our real strength, Sadhna’s  roots were kept with 15 artisans and now we are the family of 714 artisans, yes…we have come a long way and getting better than ever as the destination is yet to reach.

As a women centric enterprise we work towards the welfare and upliftment of our artisans who have lended their faith in us. As sarathi we guide and help our artisans to achieve their dreams and make better livelihood for themselves and with the commitment of our team and support from our fundraisers we have seen many success stories of our artisans and many more to make.

Sadhna has set-up an Artisan support fund that helps to provide emergency Loans to these women in case on contingencies and which are repaid by these women by their earnings so that the fund will be a rotating fund

Capacity building programs, benefits of health and life insurance policies, educational benefits, loan facilities, some of the initiatives taken by Sadhna and fulfillment of these are done with utmost sincerity.

Using needle and thread these women narrates their dreams and desires in their work and with our efforts and support we can achieve this together.

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