Sewn into our fabrics is the story of empowerment.

Sadhna is a Women’s Handicraft Enterprise that achieved registration under the Mutual Benefit Trust Act after years of consistent effort. This artisan group was formed in 1988 in response to a devastating drought in Mewar as an income generation program of Seva Mandir, a leading NGO from Udaipur. This small initiative with 15 participants expanded over three decades into a family of over 700 trained women artisans in the Udaipur and Rajsamand Districts of Southern Rajasthan.  Patchwork, Appliqué and Tanka embroidery skills became the foundation for a strong women’s collective of rural, tribal and urban artisans. The demand for work-from-home continues to be met by Sadhna’s top-notch artisan training system & professional management staff.  Sadhna artisans have been stitching some of the finest traditional hand-embroidered products for three decades.  Every Sadhna product is handmade and fair trade certified.




Sadhna is an enterprise committed to empowering women, both economically and socially as well as enhancing their self-esteem.  Our goal is to make artisan members self-reliant, increase their control of and access to social resources, and improve their status within their families and society.

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The Process 

Step 1:   Selected artisans participate in Design Workshops with top institutes and collaborate with fashion experts to develop Sadhna’s new designs.
Step 2:  Expert artisans train women in new clusters as a part of Sadhna’s renowned Artisan Training Module.
Step 3:  Each cluster elects a representation who joins the Management Council and oversees all the daily work ensuring quality, production and delivery.
Step 4:  Embroidered Cloth Delivered to the Production Unit: Selected artisans receive training in stitching, cutting and finishing of garments. 
Step 5:  Authentic Artisan Products: Senior artisans join the office staff and learn managerial skills. This team works closely with Management Council to ensure market linkages and smooth management.   


Our Craft

Our artisans specialize in hand-embroidered and hand-sewn fabric that is crafted into clothing, home décor, accessories, and other handicrafts. Sadhna’s signature craft techniques include fine Tanka, Appliqué and Patchwork.  Sadhna uses this expertise to improve efficiency and strive towards zero waste production.  We are known for our expert artisan training that teaches women fine handicraft skills through a stream-lined, well-refined program.

One of the beauties of handicraft work is that is can be done from home.  Sadhna is proud to be composed of creative women working from home to create exquisite products.  


Tanka’ refers to the running stitch used to create elaborate designs.  Udaipur, the heart of Mewar, has a long tradition of practicing this fine hand-embroidery technique.  Traditionally used in beautiful patchwork quilts, this folk-embroidery technique developed locally out of necessity: old clothing and other cloth were patched and stitched together securely with this running stitch resulting in colourful, tanka patchwork quilts for the winter.  


Appliqué, likewise, is a famous technique in Rajasthan.  This work requires precise cutting of decorative designs into cloth.  The cloth is then layered one piece over another and carefully stitched to create a variety of styles and patterns.


Patchwork is inspired from the local craft of stitching together different pieces of fabric.  True to the original craft, we use this technique to support our zero-waste philosophy by repurposing scrap cloth into beautiful and practical products.  Patchwork gudris and cushion covers are some of our most popular items.