Work with Us

Sadhna is a learning organization that engages various stakeholders to strengthen its work and share best practices. Collaborate and Partner with us in multiple ways.

  • GROUP VISITS & WORKSHOPS – Sadhna conducts tours of artisan work and production for group visits as well as workshops on topics such as specific embroidery techniques, production and community work.

To inquire, please write to us at

  • INTERNSHIPS & VOLUNTEERS – The talent, ideas and energy of Interns and Volunteers from various universities and countries has helped build Sadhna into a successful social enterprise over the past 30 years. We need you to help us with design, production, merchandising, marketing, e-commerce, content writing, finance and management, social initiative for artisans, and fund raising.

Interested?  Please write to us at


  • CONSULTING & TRAINING – Running for over 3 decades, Sadhna has a wealth of experience in supporting organizations and businesses who wish to train artisans in hand embroidery and tailoring, conduct design workshops, form and nurture collectives, work on women’s livelihood programs and develop market linkages. If you are a funding agency, NGO, Civil Society Organization, or SHG group that requires training and consultancy services please write


    • MARKETING COLLABORATIONS - Sadhna creates products in its own brand labels of ‘Sadhna’ and ‘Raab’. If you are a physical retail store, online platform, individual seller, trader or company who may want to resell/buy Sadhna products we are waiting to hear from you. Sadhna is eligible for marketing in both Indian and Export Markets. Write to


    •   EXHIBITIONS & TRADE FAIRS – Sadhna is a member of various craft-based networks and platforms globally and actively participates in exhibitions and trade fairs. If you wish to invite Sadhna or collaborate for the same write to

For any other inquiries write to us at