Sadhna has over 600 artisan members from rural, tribal and urban poor communities of Udaipur and Rajsamand Districts of Rajasthan. Sadhna’s artisans are skilled at tailoring and fine traditional handwork – Tanka, Applique and Patchwork. Some of Sadhna’s major clusters include -
DELWARA: This village forms the major rural and tribal artisan cluster of Sadhna. It is also the oldest and one of the most active clusters. Sadhna has a centrally located Common Facility Centre in Delwara where all production related activities also take place. Delwara is located in Rajsamand District about 27 kms from the Udaipur city and is a tourist destination. Delwara is represented by 13 members in the Management Council and has over 250 artisans.
MADAR: Sadhna’s rural cluster formed alongside Delwara in 1989. Madar is part of the Udaipur district and has around 30 artisans. Most women are involved in agriculture and do hand embroidery for supplementary income.
SHEESHWI: Located about 45 kms from Udaipur city, this village falls in Girwa block of Udaipur District. It was formed in the year 2000 and has over 50 active artisan members.
PULA: Pula cluster was formed in the year 2000 and further expanded in the year 2005. Pula is located in the Udaipur city and is a Basti/Slum settlement. It has strength of over 80 artisans represented by 4 elected representatives to the management council.
RATEKHET & MANOHARPURA CLUSTERS: These clusters are located in the Udaipur city and is a Basti/Slum Settlement. Formed in the year 2003, Ratakhet consists of over 50 artisans and Manoharpura of 40 artisans. Members of these clusters come from various socially and economically backward communities and majorly comprise of migrant workers from Bihar. These groups are represented by 5 elected members to the management council. Both these groups are very active and comprise of highly skilled artisans.
KHAROL COLONY: This group is barely 2 kms from Sadhna’s head office in Udaipur city and was formed in 2006. It has a strength of about 20 members. The group is also one of the most active groups of Sadhna.
KHANJIPEER: Formed in 2007, this cluster is located in the peri urban area of Udaipur city. The group consists of members from the minority community and is located in the city itself. The strength of this group is about 20 members.